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About the Alumni Epsilon Chapter

A student member of Sigma Tau Delta does not have to leave the Society upon graduation. He or she may join the Alumni Epsilon Chapter.

What is the purpose of this chapter?

  • As a practical matter many alumni lose contact with Sigma Tau Delta because they "move on." They graduate, develop careers, and have families. Often, because their schedules change after graduation, they lose contact with their local university chapters.
  • The Alumni Epsilon Chapter will facilitate ongoing communication and networking between Sigma Tau Delta alumni and the activities of Sigma Tau Delta at the national level.

How do Sigma Tau Delta alumni benefit from chapter membership?

  • Continuing Affiliation: Although all alumni are lifetime members of Sigma Tau Delta, participation in the Alumni Epsilon Chapter will facilitate affiliation with Sigma Tau Delta regardless of your current place of residence or your ability to connect with local chapters.
  • Convention Participation: The international convention provides an accessible and scholarly venue for presenting your academic, professional, or creative work. You may deliver papers or participate in panel discussions related to the field of English or your professional work, and you are eligible for convention paper awards. The convention also provides an opportunity to hear noted authors and share good fellowship at fun and interesting locations.

What are the annual dues?
Alumni Epsilon Chapter membership is an incredible value at only $13 per year! Join now!